Apprenticeship is a time-honored approach to training skilled workers through a combination of on-the-job training (OJT) and classroom instruction. Each apprenticeship program has its own training outline which details the OJT and classroom instruction required. Journey level on-the-job supervisors are technically competent to train apprentices in all facets of the trade. Our journey workers are mentors to our apprentices and are dedicated to providing a safe and productive on-the-job training experience.


We invite quality driven, open-shop contractors to partner with the Alliance to meet owners apprenticeship requirements and develop skilled labor. Participation in the Alliance is open to any merit (open) shop building, heavy highway or environmental contractor, regardless of association or labor affiliation. The Alliance adheres to strict quality criteria – our commitment is to partner with “the best of the best” firms to promote sustainable careers in construction. Contact the Alliance for an application today!


Contractor Minimum Requirements: Any contractor who provides direct labor on a construction project, regardless of the firm’s size or business volume, may be eligible to partner with the Alliance. Alliance firms are among the best of the best! Contractors must demonstrate a commitment to safety, construction excellence, productivity, employee management and community involvement. Our contractors must:

Provide quality on-the-job training mentored by skilled journey level workers in at least one apprenticeship program offered by the Alliance.
Maintain an effective safety and health program and a three-year average Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 1.0 or less.
Agree to employ at least one apprentice for an average of no less than 500 hours per year (240 hours for small firms).
Demonstrate financial viability into the foreseeable future & commit to a harassment prevention policy.